Financial Products

There are many different types of individual life insurance, mainly divided into the following categories: Whole life Insurance, Term Insurance, Investment Linked Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance. In order to ensure the livelihood of us and our family, we need to have sufficient personal protection. Personal insurance becomes an indispensable vehicle for protection. Life insurance plans are varied and Noble Apex can provide you with professional advice.

In addition to life insurance, we also provide travel insurance, domestic helper insurance, home insurance, personal accident insurance, fire insurance, motor insurance, office insurance, retail insurance and employee benefits.

Investment-linked insurance is a kind of life insurance with investment components. The insured can invest through the investment-linked insurance fund. The insured does not directly own the fund or assets, but own the policy only. The relevant fund is still held by the insurance company. The investment-linked insurance funds in the plan are provided by different fund companies, the fund selection ranges can be from tens to more than 100. Noble Apex can analyze for you in detail

Annuity insurance provides you with ample monthly income. You can also enjoy tax deductions for your qualifying deferred annuity plans to save for the future.

Noble Apex provides different groups of insurance for you to choose.

MPF is a long-term investment that uses a steady stream of savings and investment to achieve a stable return. Investors should set a budget with the factors such as inflation, additional medical expenses and longevity to achieve their retirement goals and plans. They can also adjust their investment portfolios regularly for better return to accumulate more assets in response to fluctuations in future economic cycles. Noble Apex provides MPF plans from different institutions for investors to choose the solution that suits them best.