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Planning and investing for retirement can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to. A simple process, which we refer to as goals-based investing, can help you every step along the way.

While on a hike, a hiker can take various routes but changing weather conditions could sometimes have an impact on the journey. It is similar to searching for income opportunities where amid periods of heightened market volatility, investors, based on their financial objectives and risk appetite, could adjust the allocation of fixed income, equity or other hybrid assets in a diversified portfolio to help manage risk. Just as a hiker would select the route or a combination of routes, according to stamina, objectives of the journey and weather conditions, we share some of our top convictions as we seek out multi-asset income opportunities in changing markets. Even amid heightened market volatility due to the conflict in Ukraine, we believe that income still has a key role to play in an overall portfolio.

It is customary in Hong Kong and Singapore to serve ‘Pun Choi’, or a prosperity pot, when families and friends gather to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The dish comprises multiple layers of seafood, meats and vegetables, and is slow-cooked over time. And like a ‘prosperity pot’, investors, depending on their investment objectives and risk appetite, could consider a wider variety of income sources in an investment portfolio. Seeking diversification in a portfolio for robust income potential has become increasingly important especially as the Fed is expected to raise interest rates this year and the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine may continue to affect the market for a long time.

Sports has been in the limelight in recent months. By taking cues from elite athletes in their training programmes, investors could consider adopting a perseverant and consistent approach when they map out their long-term investing strategy. A Hong Kong fencing medalist was reported to have said that being a champion is not just a dream, but one has to work hard and not give up. This could be likened to keeping your financial goals in-check, investing regularly and staying invested.