Corporate Services

After checking the availability of the company name, we prepare and submit the Memorandum and/or Articles of Association to the respective regulatory body. Once the company is incorporated we prepare the initial formation documents (such as the first director's resolution or minutes of the meeting) and issue the share certificates. For a Hong Kong company, we also apply for a Business Registration Certificate with the local tax authority.

We provide either the company secretary and registered office (Hong Kong) or registered agent and registered address (other offshore locations) as per local regulatory requirement. We maintain and safeguard all statutory records and apply for the annual renewal of any government licenses. Where required we file the annual returns and prepare the documentation for the annual general meeting. In addition we prepare the necessary formalities to deal with any changes to the company (such as company name, share capital, shareholders, directors etc.) on an ad-hoc basis.

Nominee shareholders are the registered owners of a company but do not actually have any beneficial interest in it. A 'Declaration of Trust' is usually issued to the ultimate beneficial owner, certifying the equity owner situation. The purpose for having nominee shareholders is to protect the identity of the true owners from public scrutiny.

There is no distinction between nominee and regular directors from a regulatory perspective; both are equally responsible and liable for the actions of a company. The days of nominee directors just 'rubber stamping' any decisions made by the other directors are long gone.

We provide bookkeeping and accounting services, including the preparation of annual financial statements. Where required we liaise with the auditors to assist them in conducting the audit of the accounts.

We prepare all necessary due diligence and business information and liaise with the bank staff for the application for the opening of a bank account. Once approved, we provide (co-) signatory on the accounts (please note that this service is mandatory if we provide nominee directors).

We provide a Hong Kong address for all correspondence of the company.