Our Services

Established in 1998, Noble Apex Advisors Ltd. is a financial boutique with experienced professionals dedicated in providing quality financial planning and investment management services to clients seeking reliable and top-notched advice and services. We are a licensed corporation of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (licensed to carry out regulated activities including Type 1: Dealing in Securities, Type 4: Advising on Securities and Type 9: Asset Management), a registered Intermediary with Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, a licensed insurance broker company of the Insurance Authority , a member of the Hong Kong Securities Institute and a member of the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong.

Noble Apex has been striving to deliver quality services to our valued clients for more than a decade. We expand our scope of services and have three kinds of services provided as below.

Brokerage on Collective Investment Schemes

Clients can trade funds through Noble Apex brokerage platform. Fee is based on initial / exit charges by product providers. Noble Apex will get rebates from product providers or deduct the fee from client payment.

Related License: Type 1 Regulated Activity (Dealing in Securities)

Advice on Investment Products

Clients can seek for Noble Apex consultants' advice on investment products. Noble Apex will charge the Advisory Fee based on AUM (Asset Under Management) or consultation time.

Related License: Type 4 Regulated Activity (Advising on Securities)

Asset Management

Clients can authorize Noble Apex to manage their assets. Noble Apex will charge the Management and / or Performance Fee based on AUM (Asset Under Management) and Setup Fee based on initial and top-up amount.

Related License: Type 9 Regulated Activity (Asset Management)

Noble Apex Advisors Limited obtained venture capital financing in 2017. With a special focus on developing inclusive finance and popularizing fund investment, it has been transformed from a traditional wealth management firm into a fintech company. Effective 1st August 2020, Noble Apex Advisors Limited is renamed as Lion Global Financial Limited. For the latest information and services of Lion Global Financial Limited, please visit iFund website at https://www.ifund.com.hk.

Hong Kong SFC Licensed Corporation
CE No.: AEO169
Insurance Broker Company
License No.: FB1103
MPF Principal Intermediary
MPF Registration No.: IC000170
HKSI Corporate Member
IFPHK Corporate Member