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Noble Apex Wealth Limited is a licensed insurance broker company of the Insurance Authority and a registered Intermediary with the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority. We provide insurance-based wealth management services, including Financial Needs Analysis, Financial Planning and solution. In Cooperation with major insurance companies, our financial planners are committed to providing clients with tailored insurance products that fit their needs. We also assess clients' risk tolerance, compare MPF schemes and suggest solutions to help clients prepare their retirement life and mitigate economic burden incurred by accidents.

Parenting involve huge expenses, especially for the education. It is every parent's dream to nurture his/her own children. However, it is a huge amount of tuition fee for either local or overseas education. To estimate the education fee, it is advised to calculate the tuition fee of the target schools together with the inflation rate. The sooner you save for your child's education, the less you will need each month. You should start preparing now for the good future of your children!

In fact, wealth management needn't be too demanding. Our ILAS Value-Added Service is a perfect solution, which provides professional, effective, hassle-free and one-stop value added service to manage your portfolio of ILAS. You fully authorize our company to manage your Investment Linked Assurance Scheme. In this respect, the policy portfolio will be supervised by our chief executive (with over twenty years experience in asset management), and research professionals will be appointed to give their opinions.

After the efforts of several tens of years, it is time to let go of work and enjoy life. Retirement Planning is a major issue in our life. We need to take into account of other factors as well. For example, inflation, income and expenses after retirement, and medical insurance expenses, etc. Noble Apex professional team can plan the most suitable retirement plan with you.

Through our lives, we spend so much time worrying about making a decent living. Many of us worked a lifetime to build wealth. Have you considered what will happen to it in the future? Noble Apex would help you to plan the related arrangement to ensuring your assets are transferred to your loved ones exactly as you wish. As you plan to protect your hard-earned assets, you can also plan to care for your family, friends, and favorite charities, now and in the future




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